Family Health Insurance

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Family Health Insurance

A single health insurance for you and your family! Family health insurance offers financial assistance against hospitalization and any health emergency for both you and your loved ones. Only a single premium payment on an annual basis is required for a family health plan and can safeguard all the members of a family. Provisions to include your parents and parents-in-law are also offered by many companies. This health insurance is one solution for all family members.

A family health plan usually consists of 5 members of the family, i.e., individual, spouse and children up to 4 no.s. The family health insurance covers your whole family for a fixed sum assured. It is cost-effective as there is no need to buy individual plans for every member of the family. A family with a good family history must purchase a family health insurance plan.

Why Is Family Health Insurance Necessary?

When it comes to family, we often get more conscious and caring about them and so is the case with their health too. A family health insurance is a security for our loved ones during any emergency health situation and that is why it is necessary to buy a family health plan to prepare ourselves to face any type of circumstances where financial safety is needed.

Have you ever thought of your future?

There is no doubt in saying that the increasing inflation rate in the healthcare industry is causing a lot of issues and can easily wipe off your entire savings. And for sure, you don't want that for your family. Taking care of your loved ones, your spouse, parents, and children are the topmost priorities and cover their medical costs with the help of a family health insurance plan.

Types of Family Health Insurance Plans

1. Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance provides coverage against the hospitalization expenses related to your treatment. Under the same, the person gets the required coverage in the form of cashless benefits or reimbursement.

2. Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Critical Illness Insurance Plan is specially designed in a way that can offer the required coverage against critical diseases such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, etc. However, companies do not provide this as a family health plan; you have to buy it as an additional cover.

Features of Family Floater Mediclaim Policy

Many insurance companies are offering a variety of features to its customers at affordable prices. The features are designed as per the needs of the customers.

• Under one policy, the policyholder can cover all the members of the family.
• No need to deal with different policies for every family member.
• Single premium policy, insured can relax after paying a single premium annually.
• The policyholder can change and add family members to the policy anytime.
• Many insurers also provided the option to cover in-laws and siblings as well.
• Cashless hospitalization is offered by a few insurance providers.

1. In the Top Up plan, the premium depends upon the deductible. Higher the deductible, lesser will be the premium.

2. You should renew your policy every year or as per the terms and conditions of the policy opted for.

3. The premium amount also depends on the age of entering the plan, lesser the age lesser the rate of premiums

4. It is better to buy a Health top up plan at an early age as it can help you save a big amount

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