What Does Health Top Up Plan Cover?

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Health Top up plans are a much better option when you want to reduce your premium and want to attain heavy benefits from your health insurance policy. To become eligible for the Top up health plan, you need not appear for any medical screening if you are below 55 years. However, in base health policy, the maximum limit is 45 years.

Reload of Sum Insured

Your sum insured will automatically get restored by super top up plans, if you face complete or partial utilization through continuous claims raised by the policyholder for a minor or major claim.

Family Members' Cover

You can include your family members between the ages of 3 months to 65 years who are dependent on you for expenses like your dependent parents, children (91 days to 25 years), spouse.

Room Rent Expenses

Offers your room rent expenses that may be required for better facilities. With a top up plan, you do not have to worry about the room rent and you can afford the bed and facilities as per your choice.

Pre & Post-hospitalizations

Top up plans cover pre and post hospitalization as well for up to 30 days and 60 days of hospitalization respectively. Several days may vary from insurer to insurer.

In-patient Treatment Facility

Getting hospitalized is daunting at times, but a top up plan can make it easy and comfortable if you wish to get the treatment at home. In-patient treatment with complete coverage and no limits for the diseases covered is provided by the top ups.

Organ Donor Costs

It provides coverage to the expenses caused due to organ donation, not all health insurance offer this facility but a top up is a boon in those cases.

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