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Mediclaim insurance takes care of your medical expenses up to the sum insured amount in case of a medical emergency, except for the critical illness expenses. The policyholder can avail of both cashless and reimbursement claim benefits. The policy also offers tax-exemption benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961.

Senior citizen health insurance plan is more of a necessity, especially in those cases where a person is retired and wants to enjoy the post-retirement life with the pension amount and interest that he/she would receive upon their savings. Multiple general insurance companies deal with senior citizen health insurance plans and it is imperative to select the one that can easily go well with all your needs and can offer an effective health cover for all your ailments.

What is Mediclaim Policy?

Mediclaim policy is a kind of health insurance policy that covers your medical expenses in case of any medical emergency. Under a mediclaim policy, the insurance company provides medical coverage for hospitalization expenses including in-patient cover, pre and post-hospitalization expenses cover, daycare treatment etc.

Features and Benefits of a Mediclaim Policy

Before buying a mediclaim policy it is important to know its features and benefits. Moreover, amid the increasing number of lifestyle diseases, hospitalization expenses, and healthcare expenses it is inevitable to buy a mediclaim policy that can offer financial support during hospitalization. It offers a cushion in case of a medical emergency. At the same time, it offers numerous other insurance benefits such as:

• Cost-Effective:

A mediclaim policy is a cost-effective way of availing healthcare services

• Cashless Treatment:

Cashless hospitalization facility is available in-network hospitals, which eliminates out-of-pocket expenses in case of a medical emergency.

• Eases Financial Stress:

A mediclaim policy lowers the financial burden on the policyholder and his family.

• Individual and Family Floater Cover:

Both individual and family floater mediclaim policies are available.

• Pre and Post-hospitalization Expenses:

Mediclaim policies also cover pre and post hospitalization expenses for 30-60 days and 60-120 days after hospitalization. It can also include emergency assistance services for ambulance and emergency evacuation.

• Day-care Hospitalization:

Expenses towards treatments that do not require 24-hour hospitalization.

• Lifelong Renewability Cover:

A mediclaim policy can also offer lifelong renewability cover option depending on the insure.

• Additional Benefits:

Expenditures towards ICUs, alternative treatments, annual check-ups are recompensed as well.

• Tax Exemption Benefits:

Tax benefits under section 80 D can be availed on the mediclaim policy premium that is paid every year.

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