Wealth Management

Wealth management has a wider scope and has long term wealth creation as its primary motive. As such, wealth management can be described as a wealth creation process where a team of professionals analyze the financial needs of the client and suggest the appropriate financial products. Such a process would include wealth protection (risk management), accumulation of wealth (growing asset base), putting your wealth to work (creation of income from such asset base) and later wealth distribution (post-retirement and succession planning).

A: Implementing the wealth management plan

Once the plan is approved by the client, then the wealth manager documents the plan of action along with the investment strategy and asset allocation strategy. This manual also explains the income generation pattern and long term wealth creation strategy. It will also throw light on succession plans and transfer of wealth and assets. Implementing the wealth management plan will require a little while. However, this plan is revisited several times by the wealth manager to match the plan real time with happenings in the economy and financial markets.

Continuous evaluation and consistent communication with client

The guaranteed returns from a money back policy help it edge ahead of market-linked plans. A money back plan is an ideal investment for a person looking for a safe and secure investment. Since it also provides an insurance cover, a conservative buyer would find it the ideal go-to vehicle for definite returns. Most of the recommended plans for better returns are linked to the equity or debt market, which are not risk-free avenues of investment.

B. Benefit Illustration:

A benefit illustration (BI) is a set of projections, prepared by the actuaries of the insurance company. The BI basically shows how your (policyholders') insurance policy fund/money invested will perform over a period of time.

C. Health Plan Comparison:

You can compare health insurance plans from top insurance companies and buy the best plan as per your needs. We make sure that you get the best deal within your budget away from fake promises and products.


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